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AcuMat is short for 'Acupressure Mat'.

An AcuMat can be used for the relaxation of tense muscles, encouraging circulation and blood flow, as well as healing the body and improving your general wellbeing. 

Do you get a sore back? Or aching neck and shoulders?

Pressure from the spikes on the AcuMat activates the body's own production of "natural painkiller" hormone (endorphins) and "feel-good” hormone (oxytocin).

These natural hormones can help to relieve muscle tension, aching muscles and joints as well as help us to relax and wind down. 

Absolutely love this purchase! I've had back and neckache for ages but after using it for only 10 minutes it has already improved a lot.

Lenize P.

I am in love! leading up to my first comp this year means tight muscles from training, this little mat is my got to at the end of the day.

Zarnia O.

After going from no training at all to running 3 days in a row, it was safe to say my legs were dead. Ive done a bit of research into post training recovery and decided to get myself an acumat to help relax tense muscles, and encourage circulation and blood flow!

Ella B.

My acumat is great for cramping feet after standing for hours straight at work especially whilst pregnant, feels orgasmic! I love it, has my seal of approval.

Jess S.

It's a strange concept that lying on a spikey mat can help you relax! I just sent a good half an hour on the Acumat after my workout and I think im going to start going it every night before bed because I feel like I could take an extended nap now! so relaxing

Kate S.